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​Workflow History for each subtitle?

Revision History is a very useful that I use all the time in Amara.

However, lately I'm starting to get confused as an LC to find out who did the translation or the review at what time.

- Sometimes a subtitle came through to approval step with only one revision, by the translator.

As far as I know, with only one revision, there's no easy way to find out who did the review (or whether it somehow slipped through the system without review task :S)

- Also, there could also be times where I see 3 or more people involved in a task before approval step.

And so I'm unable to find out who did what as what role. Messaging each involved user is possible, but definitely not the preferred way.

- This also makes me unable to verify that credits on appear correctly, and unable to do first-cut analysis of whether the subtitle is having an issue with Amara system, or human error, or etc.

So, I would love to request for a workflow history for each subtitle, so I know who sends what task to who, or if someone picked an available task from the system, etc.

Many thanks and keep your good work up!

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 This is a very interesting idea – we've got quite a few features slated that would need to happen before that, but we'll definitely consider something like that... it'd make the history viewer much more useful.

Glad you like it. :) Keep your good work up! :)

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