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Auto-Approval limited to certain whitelist only.

Not sure if this should be mentioned here as this is not an LC-only forum? :S

I'm aware that if LCs don't approve subtitles by a certain amount of time, those approval tasks will be approved (not sure if it's by machine or someone at TED).

I don't mind that tasks are approved without my consent as it's also part of my responsibility to approve in time.

But their are some that I'd like to take special care of, and not confident to have the work published without another approval-review first. This is also due to the fact that we don't have special conditions for translators to become reviewers. 

So if we're not going to implement the higher requirements to be reviewers (as pointed out from the Translators' Survey), I'd like to propose for LC to to say that, "hey this person I never need to send their tasks back, you can just auto-approve their tasks, while the other tasks wait for a human review"?

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