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Unrestricted editing of subtitles

 I think it's very wrong to allow just anybody to edit translated subtitles without

consulting the translator.  Amara allows this sort of unrestricted corrections

to subtitles, while TED never allowed it in the past for a good reason.


Because post editing or correction does not mean necessarily that it improves the original translation.

Sometimes the translation gets worse due to such hasty corrections.

The new editor does not know all the considerations by the original translator when

he/she translated the talk.  Choosing certain word or term for the translation can be

sometimes very complicated task and many times also controversial.  Many times

different translators may choose different words for the same original word which is

being translated.  So, if anyone wants to suggest corrrection to translated text, IMO,

Amara should allow the suggester to do it only after he/she consulted the original translator.



 Yubal Masalker

Dear Yubal,

It's been quite awhile now that post editing is not allowed to everyone. 

Only Language Coordinators can make changes to published translations.

We encourage translators and reviewers to communicate and come to an agreement between them, before the translation is published.


Dimitra Papageorgiou

Language Coordinator Program Manager

I believe the post-editing is limited to LCs only as Dimitra said.

So what normally happens in my language is that people contact the LC or the original translator and request for the change. If the request goes through original translator, he/she will then inform the LC to make the change for them.

If the person contacts the LC, well if it's a typo correction, I'll do it right away. But if it's a major wording change, I'd prefer to try contact original translator first to see if he/she agrees. Sometimes the original translator no longer replies, I would bring that topic to the local community's attention for discussion. So I think now all post-edits have to go through LCs to make the changes. :) 

Seems like the best way to make sure post-edits are made appropriately. :)

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