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View video with "in progress" subtitles

Can we view a video with "in progress" subtitles?

If a language version of subtitles is still "in progress", you can't view a video with one specific set of subtitles unless you have "active" translation/review task (under which you can save/submit/accept).

It would be nice if I could play a video with the set of subtitles that is not currently my "active" task (passively I am working on the task, say, if I am reviewing a talk, the talk is now in the hand of the translator after I decline a version)

I am aware that we can send tasks back and forth (which is fully supported by Amara and is something I embrace) or view "in progress" subtitles in other tools such as Subtitle Edit (by downloading from Amara).

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If I can choose a revision to preview the subtitles on the video, it’s even better.

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