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Upload/paste a temporary/non-saved version of subtitles while translating/reviewing - "Perform task" mode

Can you consider uploading/pasting a temporary version of subtitles without saving it to Amara revisions/database when I perform a task?

(the attachment, "0001_in-task_screen.jpg", shows "Perform task" screen. Sorry, I can't find an official term for the screen)

My wish is to upload or paste an SRT without it being written to DB. I hope to have this because sometimes we have a lot of interim versions of translations. Translators/reviewers sometimes use spreadsheet or other tools to work on revisions/discussions for a talk. The spreadsheet can generate an SRT file.

I found two things to assume that this change might not be as complex as I originally thought. 1st, I have noticed that when I am executing a task, I can download subtitles (it gives a popup window and the window has SRT text) - see attachment "0002_in-task_download_window.jpg" for details. 2nd, I also see the non-saved edited subtitle remains as it was if I edit subtitles (without saving), go out from in-task screen once and come back. Putting them together, I guess maybe you can set in-memory subtitle to "Perform task" screen pasted from a popup window ;)

This enables contributors to paste tentative subtitles on the fly and see if it fits well in play-back.

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