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Duplicate topics in Amara Support for TED Team Members and in Amara Support Center

There are several duplicate topics about the same issue in the forums here in Amara Support for TED Team Members  and in the general Amara Support Center .  This is more often than not due to the fact that TED Team members are not aware of this specific forum just for them, so they post in the general one instead. So could Amara staff please make a sticky post in the general forum, telling TED Team members to post here about TED-relevant issues?

I'm a bit tired of doing so in the comments to each of their posts in the general forum.

But then there is another dimension: some issues arising in subtitling TED videos also do/could arise in non-TED videos.  As Amara staff reply more often here than on the general forum (probably the understatement of the year), can they please find a way to convey the information they give here to the users of the general forum?

See e.g. the various topics here concerning problems with using the new editor for translation, and in particular Dharma Lee's I am translating talks, but appears the transcribing system: apparently the same issue as in Mami Kawade's I want to translate from English subtitles, but...  general forum topic. The difference is that Amara staff replied to Dharma Lee and not to Mami Kawade. And that reply contains info that is important to all Amara users, not just TED members. Apart from suggesting a workaround for the glitch that prevents going back to the legacy translation interface, PCF Support (Margarita Shamraeva) wrote:

"In the future, this new editor will completely replace both the transcription and the translation dialog. Amara will stop displaying the legacy dialogs as soon as all the features from the legacy dialogs will be copied into the new one."

This is darned important to all Amara users. And my impression - but Amara staff probably has log data to confirm or infirm it - is that so far, most people are sticking to the legacy dialogs, for several reasons:

  1. No info, let alone tutorial, about the new editor in the Solutions  section of the general support.
  2. TAB and Shift+TAB keyboard shortcuts not working.
  3. Javascript link to further info and feedback form not working.
Last but not least: they like the simplicity of the legacy interface, even when it bugs. Last month I set up a subtitling-with-Amara activity for participants in an Italian MOOC. Monica Terenghi, a complete beginner in subtitling, was translating English subtitles into Italian for What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains [Epipheo.TV]. Then someone updated the Portuguese Brazilian subs by upload, triggering the Amara bug that replaces  all translated subs by an upload that prevents using the translation interface and deletes all former revisions. Monica was baffled and wondered what she had done wrong, but she found her own workaround, which she then described in Amara… dolcissima scoperta , adding: "Amara senza bug era indubbiamente meglio, però anche così si può fare. Sono ancora in pieno colpo di fulmine per Amara, e non sarà uno sciocco bug a farmi disamorare" (Amara without bugs was obviously  better, but even so, it can still be used. I'm still heads over heels in love with Amara, and a silly bug won't make me stop loving it).
So please do give that info about the future disappearance of the legacy editor on the general help forum too, so that non-TED users can first get used to the new one, and ask questions about issues and what they don't understand.

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