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Load control for uploading a subtitle version


Could we think about introducing a load control for uploading subtitle (if there is no root cause that is leading to gateway timeout for upload)?

For the most of the time, when I try to upload subtitle maybe during 0900 to 1500 EST (US), it results in timeout in gateway. It doesn't bother me to retry, but retry means more load to the system.

I suspect this may be caused by higher load to the system either from too many concurrent users or too many repetitive trials by those who have been trying to upload. If this is the case, I suggest that upload from task be restricted and disabled when system load exceeds a certain level just like what we have "You have reached the maximum number of tasks" for "Perform task".

I understand file upload is more or less performance intensive and it can't be helped. But, we can control the load in the interface and match current server power with what user can do.

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Our engineers are aware of the performance issues related to uploading subtitles and are working on a solution.

Thank you for your patience while this work is underway.


Margarita Shamraeva


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