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"Save and open in new editor" doesn't work for a review task

I have taken a review task in Serbian for this video:

When I choose "perform task", transcription interface opnes. I choose "save and open in new editor" and it doesn't work.

I exit without saving (I never have a chance to make any changes).


Does this still happen? Might be just a temporary glitch as the server was choking on a load spike, since I have just tried opening this task in a new editor impersonating you, and it opened nicely. Just in case, the URL is

Please let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties with reviewing this translation.


Margarita Shamraeva


It is happening to me to today.

This is the talk

I can not save revision nor open it in a new editor.

I tried to approach to the revision using all ways. Now I get white screen.

If I try to upload srt file, it is looping endlessly.

And if I try to upload dfxp file, it just jumps out into 404 page:

Similar thing is happening with this talk.

I got the message that there is error in saving my file, and to download it, so that I can upload it later. It happens in new editor.

 Same issue with approval tasks. Unable to enter the new editor, save, or submit.

It works now.


It happens again.

I can not save revision

Here it doesn't save revision in both, new and old editor:

It works now. I've done these :)

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