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One Technical Problems

I assigned a task on TEDX, but I had a problem at viewing it. But I had access to its English subtitles. So I downloaded its English subtitles on amara and the video on Youtube. Then I used Subtitle Edit 3.0 to do the work. I uploaded several drafts, and I could view it there online. But there was no way to RESUME the task, it instantly lost connection with the website. Several minutes later, the connection was recovered, but the problem was the same. So it was impossible to finish the task. Blow there are some scree shots, wish that could help explain the problem.

I have a task 

there is the video

I tried to resume the task

but failed

Is it still a problem?

I did not have any trouble resuming this task while impersonating you (i.e. while acting under your user account). The translation dialog opened as usual -- please see the screenshot.

If it is still an issue, I'd start with clearing the browser cache or trying the same task from a different browser.

Please let me know if nothing helps and the problem persists.


Margarita Shamraeva


The problem remains. 

I expected to see the the translation dialog like your screenshot. Well, I already finished the translating, but I couldn't do the Title & Description. My guess is that the media content is blocked here, in mainland China, so resuming the task is impossible. That would be a tough problem, then.  I am considering declining the task after having a check on the subtitles. 

Thanks very much!

Best wishes!

Gong Cong 

Please check your email before declining the task, I've sent you a message.


Margarita Shamraeva


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