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New editor: comments are lost, subtitles show as incomplete

Since last week, I notice that comments I made while reviewing are not stored and that after completion of the review phase, subs show as 'incomplete' (whereas they are not; title and description are also okay).

Example: Dutch translation of the video below (Penguins: Popularity, peril and poop)

I had this on other videos too. The 'incomplete' problem is resolved once the translations pass the approval phase.

1 person has this problem

Additional comment: in order to get rid of the 'incomplete' notion, I post-edited the subtitles. This takes me to a button where I can click "Complete". I don't otherwise see that button, neither during review, nor during approval. I only see "accept" and "send back" there.

Hey, PCF, I think this support forum is being spammed!


Both issues must have been fixed now. We are still working on processing the fallout (marking the approved incomplete subtitles as complete), but there should not be any new incidents anymore. Sorry about that mishap - got inadvertently broken right before the release.

"Accept" button both submits the task and marks a language as complete. "Complete" does the same thing. "Save" always creates a new incomplete subtitle version - no exceptions.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience caused by the issue!


Margarita Shamraeva

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