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Un-Accept Review?

Kacie Landrum and Masami Mutsukado here. We had signed up to review Mary Lou Jepsen's talk "Could Future Devices Read Images From Our Brains". I was in the Amara editor trying to find the summary paragraph. The way I remember it, the first window is where you input subtitles, the second is where you check the timing, and the third step in the process is where you put the summary. But has the interface changed? Because now I saw the first step with the subtitles and clicked the 'Accept' button... only to find it thought we were finished with the task and taken it away from us!

1. Sorry, but could we please have that task back? We are speaking with the translator about a couple of places we would like to rephrase their original wording.

2. If there is no longer the subtitle->timing->summary process, where in the review process can we see the summary and title?

Thank you!

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Kacie, Masami,

You have this task back now.

The title and description can be accessed as described in You can find more how-tos on the use of Amara's new subtitling editor at

If you encounter with a problem, please do not hesitate to create a tech support ticket.


Margarita Shamraeva

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