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I can't start my task

Every time I click to start my task, a "creat subtitles" (as the picture below shows)window jumps out, then I click  "continue", it suddenly loses connection to the Internet. Is there a problem that I can't connect to the website?

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This is an issue that I cannot reproduce while impersonating you on my computer--after a click on 'Continue', the translation dialog loads nicely.

Two questions to help identify the issue:

1. Are you able to open a translation dialog in your browser at all? For example, at this URL ?

2. If the answer to p.1 is yes, that dialog does open for you, then will the problem with your task persist after you clean the browser cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE on most OS and browsers) and force reload the page (CTRL+F5 or CTRL+R)?


Please let me know if nothing works and the task still wouldn't start.


Margarita Shamraeva

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