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Log in to Margarida6?

I've been translating since March/April and now my Profile has changed, I don't understand why.

It says:

Name: Margarida Ferreira (instead of Margarida Maria Magalhaes Ferreira)

Username: Margarida6 (why 6?)

Margarida Ferreira doesn't have any activity yet

Margarida Ferreira (Margarida6) joined Amara on May 5, 2014

Languages Margarida Ferreira hasn't selected languages yet. 

Teams Margarida Ferreira hasn't joined any teams yet.


My name is: Margarida Maria Magalhães Ferreira

I've 6 translations already published. The first one was:

Ajit Narayan: A word game to communicate in any language.

My subscription was confirmed on March.

My languages are Portuguese, English and French.

I've joined TED Translators Portuguesa in 30/April

Can you fix it, please? I can't work.


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It seems that you need to sign in with the use of this account:

To sign in, please sign out of Amara and on Sign In page click TED button. If prompted for username and password after that, pleaqse enter your credentials for accessing

Your other account, Margarida6, was created when you clicked Facebook button instead of TED. If you are sure you do not need it, please let us know, and we'll delete it.


Margarita Shamraeva

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