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Finished tasks still show as incomplete


I finished translating the following two TED-Ed talk subtitles about three weeks ago. But I just noticed that they still show as "incomplete" instead of "needs review". I am sure I finished all the steps and clicked save and submit, and now I can't edit them anymore.

Could anyone provide any suggestion?

Thank you.

Thank you for your question, Qingqing Mao.

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. Please ask iagain in the TED-specific forum: someone there will be able to help you.


Claude Almansi


I think here is the TED-specific forum... is it?

Is there some other place I should ask?


QingQing Mao.

This here where you've posted is the general Amara forum. So at times I'm able to reply to questions concerning the TED team, which is part of Amara, if they are fairly simple.

But your question concerns TED's task workflow, and I don't know how to reply. This is why I suggested you repost your question on the TED-specific forum I linked to in my previous reply: here is the URL again:


Claude Almansi

yep. I clicked the link you provided, and here is where the link brings me. 

Sincere apologies, Qingqing Mao - the dashboard of Amara support used to only show me support forum posts and support tickets for the main Amara support, but it has changed recently, showing me ALSO these posts.

So not having realized that, when I clicked the link to yours, I assumed I was in the general Amara help.

I'm really sorry about that.



Thank you very much for reporting this issue, and sorry for this glitch! Should have been fixed now for both translations.


Margarita Shamraeva

Great! Thanks a lot. 


Hi, I have the same problem too. After I have completed, I did submit noticed that they still show as "incomplete" .

I appreciate could some one show how the detail.


The same problem happened to me again. The affected subtitle is the following,

I would appreciated it if anyone can take a look.

Hi, the same problem persists. Could anyone please help? Thanks!


We have tried to reproduce the issue with the same translation (, but it got marked as complete upon submitting the translation task. Most likely, it has been a one-off glitch in the system; sorry about that! At this time the translation is marked as complete. However, it may once again temporarily become incomplete once a reviewer or a language coordinator starts working on it - please do not worry when it happens, it is perfectly normal. 

However, if an approved, published translation still remains incomplete, it will need a final edit to make things tidy. If you see this happen, please inform the language coordinator for your language, so that (s)he could fix it. Thank you!


Margarita Shamraeva

Hi Margarita, 

Thank you very much for fixing it. 

I am just a little bit concerned since this is not my first time met this issue, and Sam Seow reported the same problem above so I think I am not alone. This could be frustrating for some translators when they have finished their translation but their work cannot be reviewed and published for weeks or months. 

Thank you very much. 


I've got the same problem with a talk I finished already four months ago and which has been reviewed as the reviewer told me. Yet it's still listed as incomplete. Here is the link:

Please let me know if I need to do something to get this translation become available.



I'm having the same problem here.

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