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Upload error

I was working on a subtitle. I got an error when I tried to save and quit, and it gave me the option to download the subtitle. But later when I tried to upload the downloaded subtitle, I encountered an error, no matter what. I have even tried to convert dfxp to srt format then upload, but nothing works. Could anyone help? 

The video is the following:

Thanks a lot. 

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Sometimes the subtitle text may contain offending characters that cause both the editor and the subtitle file parcer, so there is a chance this might be the case here. Could you please email your DFXP backup file to, so that we could take a closer look at it? 

Thank you!


Margarita Shamraeva 

I've emailed the subtitle file. Thank you very much.



My fellow translators experience the same behavior repetitively. Could you consider this as issue to be resolved?


1) downloaded text in "Error saving subtitle" contains x08 code (a violating character)

2) upload will not be successful due to violating characters in DFXP file


1) Remove violating characters in copying text from the popup (See inserted "error saving subtitles" image)

2) Remove violating characters in uploading text in DFXP (See inserted "violating character" image)

It would be great if you could consider this as an issue.

I have sought issues in the repository, but didn't see any similar issues.



Image: 1 Error saving subtitles

Image 2: violating character

1) is a part in a file in which user removes x08 character.

2) is an error in Chrome when the downloaded save file is opened by changing extension to xml

3) is the same file from 2) opened in Chrome. Its display stops at the forbidden character

4) is the binary code for the character

5) is a text part of binary code

 Thank you for reporting this, Oyama Akinori. Could you please create a ticket - via - with link to this discussion, and summarizing what you wrote in your post?

The ticket will go to Amara's tech staff who are able to deal with this issue.

Thank you in advance,

Claude Almansi

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