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Contradiction in translation status?

Is that a mistake, or it was always supposed to be like this?

My translation, when searching for, got "Review" status *(1). But on the videopanel, it has "polski incomplete" status, not "needs review" (2). Contradiction?





In this particular case, it was a glitch. Sorry about it; should be fixed now.

However, once a reviewer starts working on your translation saving new versions, the language will be marked incomplete while review is in progress and until the reviewer accepts the translation and passes it forward for approval. That will be perfectly normal and should not cause any worries.


Margarita Shamraeva


Yes, I messed something when ending my translation and going through that all options. I don't remember how exactly I've done it.

I thought servers just need some time to change the status: well, five months later I was surprised, haha ;) I hope that someone will now take care of my work :) 

Thank you for fixing it!

Best wishes, Krystian

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