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access to Amara with my TED account - error


I tried to get access to AMARA with my TED account and then this message displayed:


We're sorry - you've encountered an error.

Please help us fix it by filing a ticket at our support center.

Get back to


My TED account is fine.. so I don't understand what is going on

3 people have this problem

I have the same problem, help"

Brenda. I think this can help:

I did what was sugested and my problem was solved.


I've been waiting for over a year for a solution. Apparantly they are not very keen on having more volunteer translators who want to do the job. A pity that the helpdesk is not their strong point, we could have done so many translations already 

Same problem here. Does anyones got a solution?

Same problem here. Does anyones got a solution?

Thank you, Alysson.



Fernanda and Brena, I'm having the same problem.

Trying to fix it. As soon as I find out how fix it, I'll show all of you how to do that.

Best regards.

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Thank you for reporting this, Fernanda. I am sorry I can't help you, but Amara's tech staff can. So could you  create your own ticket (via to let them know, please?

In the ticket, please also indicate the link to your user profile on .




I'm facing the same issue as Brenda. 

I cannot login. I've made a TED account and tried it with my facebook account after the error occured. 

I've tried login in from several computers and still wasn't able to login. 

Please, I need help. Can you find me a solution? 

Thank you! 

Sorry you have this issue, Brenda. I converted your topic to a ticket (#77707) for which you should have received an email notification, because tickets go to Amara's tech staff who can deal with it.




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