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I got an my subtitles have been reviewed notice

I am reviewing an TED-Ed Chinese Traditional subtitles task of "Debunking the myths of OCD - Natascha M. Santos". When I finished my reviewing I sent back task to translator for double check my adjustments and have an opportunity to direct edit subtitles she may concern about.
Shouldn't this task automatically reassigned for me to review after she complete comparing differences between we two. Today I got systematic message noticed me my subtitles have been reviewed. Does it means I will become translator after this lesson published on TED-Ed, and the translator become my reviewer?

If my question hard to understand what I am talking about ? Should I interpret it more specifically?

First, I assigned an TED-Ed lesson for reviewing.And after I finished my job, I sent task back to ordinary translator for double check. She has no doubt at our new revision, so she click complete button as she has finished translation as normal. But I did not get reviewing task again. Besides I got a systematic message informed me that my subtitles have been reviewed.

I am curious about do we change our roles in the process. It's not about who is translator and who is reviewer. I just want to know in the workflow when reviewer send task back to translator is there any chance to exchange their roles in the task ? Or it just a bug at Amara ?

Apologies, Harry: I thought  I had  replied to you, but hadn't.

These Chinese Traditional subtitles now appear as complete, with "Showing Revision 38 created 07/05/2015 by Geoff Chen", in,  and revisions 30 to 37 are attributed to you in the history of revisions.

If my understanding of the TED workflow is correct: Sue Chen is the translator, you are the reviewer and Geoff Chen is the final approver: there was no role switching between reviewer and translator.




Dear Claude, thanks for your replying.
I would like to know whether I got a wrong systematic message or not. After all this is my third or forth time assigned for reviewing. Getting a message shows my subtitles have been reviewed is peculiar to me.

This is what I got in message box

Hi Harry Chen,

Your Chinese, Traditional subtitles for the video “Debunking the myths of OCD - Natascha M. Santos” have been reviewed by Sue Chen from the TED team.

The subtitles passed review and have been submitted for approval. 

yours truly, Harry

Dear Harry,

True, the wording of the message you got can be misleading. I created a ticket asking if it could be made clearer, and I shall refer the answer it when it arrives.

Have a nice week-end,



Margarita Shamraeva replied to my ticket:

"It is not about the wording in the notification - in fact, the task assignment has indeed been broken for this language, and all the most recent translation and review tasks were submitted by Sue Chen. Moreover, on Sue Chen "accepted" the translation.

AFAIK, TED at this time are having technical issues with crediting TED-Ed translations, but when crediting gets back to normal, the credits for this translation will have to be adjusted manually. Sorry about this!"

So for short: you were right about it being a bug, and I was wrong. Please accept my apologies.



Dear Claude, I get it. Thank you for clarifying this problem. I do really appreciate that all you have done. Thank you so much!

yours faithfully, Harry 

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