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Observations about editor and Amara


After having just tried to do yet another job where people speak faster than 25 characters per second, plus continual onscreen text, here are some observations.

No criticism intended and yes, I know I'm not the best transcriber either (I know that)

The editor and it's interaction, no doubt limited by the browser, is just not up to it.

For instance, a typical case scenario, you have a window over 25 char per second.

You 'widen' it but this has a knock on effect on the character speed of the surrounding windows.

So you then have to go back and forwards to check these two windows again but now maybe one of them (or both) are over the maximum rate.

So you keep on trying and perhaps widen these windows and so now have to back and forward check again.

Even if there is a 'solution', it's a bloody pain to find it.

We need a window that shows character speed of all windows in 'realtime' (no going backwards and forwards with the cursor), to see the impact of changes in realtime.

Ok, I'm asking a lot but you have to see the transcribers at work to understand the predicament

Other problems (in FIrefox) is that some windows seem to lose their ability to display times (I can't work out why)

We need GreaseMonkey to be updated too as it only partially works

And subtitle windows to be easily made 'semi-transparent' as it is sometimes hard to see on-screen text that may have appeared but is hidden by the subtitle window (as is the case with motocross etc where the stopwatch often appears at the bottom of the screen.

A useful addition would be to be able to add $$ to a number of windows in one go to correct such mistakes

Where we have made a spelling mistake, (bloody names), we need a quick find and replace rather than going through the whole text window by window to correct this.

Another observation is that **italics** does not impact the word count but $$ does.

This can be enough to throw up warnings and alerts where they are not justified.

So you have to stop at each of these windows to check them.

To resume: I know that an online platform will never offer the power of a desktop solution but the editor and MonkeyGrease are not evolving fast enough for the extremely challenging demands of Amara.

Once again, no criticism but just to help and as seen from a transcriber's position.


Thank you for these clearly worded suggestions, SafeTex. As you mention Firefox: do you also sometimes have the New Note box hiding the box with characters and speed indications in Firefox?  It happens to me, especially when the subs are already synced, and sometimes I manage to get the one with the characters etc showing again, but I'm not sure what I'vve done to get that.

Best wishes for this year,



Hello Claude

Long time no see. Happy New Year to you too

On the FireFox question YES, it is exactly that.

I can't for the life of me work out what triggers this behaviour and it gets worse the longer you work and revise

By the end of a difficult video, I'm flying blind on maybe 20% of the boxes.

Which all ties in with the ridiculous system of trying to get under 25 characters a second and having to go backwards and forwards again and again to see the impact of widening one "time window" on the other time windows.

Compare with Subtitle Edit where I set 25 char per second as my limit and if I'm over and start to widen the window, as soon as my action takes me over 25 char in an adjacent window, the warning comes up (char per sec. figures turn red ) for that window.

Please also note that if the video is SBH and you have fast speakers too, the (Presenter) and other such entries take up desperately needed "space".

Amara need a new type of job order where we can cut out the non essential spoken text, a sort of summary text.

"When you go uphill in this kind of mud, your back wheel spins around in all directions but you go nowhere fast if you see what I mean"


"Uphill in this mud means your back wheel spins fast but you go nowhere"




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