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i cant open amara


HI,. mi name is yen from Indonesia.

I want to try to be a volunteer in Ted Translating.

Whenever i try to open, i got altered.

for examlpe to this website,.,.

and something else

i am using mosila firefox 47.0

What should i do? Thanks in advance.


Hello, Yen.

The redirection you describe suggests browser hijacking by some malware. But I've never heard of, this happening with Firefox. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile checking.

 Meanwhile, could you try another browser, Chrome for instance, then reply here on whether it works?



HI claude,

thanks for the reply,.
I have checked it by using fire fox, chrome, internet explorer, and even browser in my smartphone. They are same. I even checked it by another computer within another place, but still.

I dont know what is wrong.

but i am still able to reach



Thank you for this further information, Yen.

As I can't help you, I have derived a ticket #87395 from your topic. You will get an email notification with a link to the ticket, which will go to Amara's tech people who should be able to help you.

When you get this notification, could you please reply to the ticket indicating the URL of an Amara video page where this issue occurs, and maybe add a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you in advance,



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