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My translation work of ted video has become some reviewer's...Why??

I translated a video subtitle months ago. Nobody took a review of it so it sank in the pool. The other day I logged in my account to find that a reviewer has helped review the video and he returned it to me for additional work. Since I did not check my inbox in time so i did not do it at the time. But now I found the targeted language subtitle has been made on the screen and the translator of it turned to be that reviewer? WHT?? That's totally my translation work! I don't know what to do...

Any one encounter this problem ? and Any help from you?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your question, 魏秋红. I don't know why it only shows up now in the forum posts: apologies about this

If the issue is stll unsolved, could you please indicate the URLs of the Amara page where you made the subtitles,  and of the web page where the video appears?

Thank you

Thanks  for this post but i don't know  about this but i have recommend that you can search the google

Thank you for your suggestion, Johnson, but how could I google for a video if I don't know its title?

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