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About the 'Dashboard'(s)

The following are not pressing issues, but things that overall greatly diminish confidence and joy in working with Amara. People find workarounds (like bookmarking pages), learn which links lead to useless pages... but is that what you want?

1. The dashboard can hardly be called that. It is largely useless, functionless even. Yet, that is where you go when you click your name in the top right menu, and also the link below that. 

For example: what do I care who is working on what, in other languages? ("activity on your video's"). Or who joined which other language team? ("Activity in your teams"). The YouTube thing may be interesting for some people, but for TED translators it's a bit beside the point, so it could be a lot less prominent at least. 

Why not make a dashboard that features lots of links to pages directly related to your current workload and gives info on all aspects/people of your language team, and that leaves out all the stuff people really don't need? 

Make it into the place from where everything you need can be accessed. (a dashboard)

2. Then, there's the dashboard you get to, when clicking the "dashboard"-link in the foldout menu at the top… and there's another dashboard, but this time it's your Team's (foldout menu link: "TED"). Both are indicated in your browser tab as "Dashboard", and this kind of thing just doesn't help people understand and navigate the site. 

Just giving it a different name would solve this second issue.

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