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Amara Link Structure (≠ logical)

Here are some things that have been bothering me for a while now, but were just not pressing enough to actually file a ticket about. 

1. Why is there no direct link to the tasks page for your language: the list where you can choose new talks to work on? There should be one in the foldout menu at the top. 

Right now, when you are on your profile page, or your message page, or your dashboard, you have to click twice (and wait twice for the page to load... slowly... ) before you can reach the tasks page. It's lots of annoying bits of wasted time. Of course you can bookmark it, but that shouldn't really be necessary, should it?

2. This also goes for your own tasks. They are displayed on your team's dashboard and on your own dashboard, but with only two options: resume or decline. If you want to open the diffing pages to compare versions, or you want to reassign, you have to go to the page that is only accessible via the "your tasks"link in the left column or the "manage your tasks"link. (but NOT if you're on your profile page, or your message page, or your dashboard… only from your team's dashboard or the tasks page) 

I know it is a big deal to implement a more logical link structure. But please work towards mending it. It could be so much more efficient. Your award winning translation platform deserves better, and so do the TED translators. 



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