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(Sorry if I seem a little cheesed off here:)

1. Could you please do something about all those confusing dialog boxes, telling us things we have by now pragmatically learned to ignore ("your changes have been saved…"…what changes? I'm only trying to open this task in the new editor!), that pop up so you then have to click them away, after which another one pops up, telling you that you have "successfully resumed editing"(what else could have happened when you get your work interface?)… which you then have to click away before you can actually get to work.

2. Why make people state that "these subtitles cover all dialog in the entire video", when the task in question is a review task, or an approval task?

3. Why give people the option to return to the "full editor"(old editor), when you've just finished your translation in beta-editor (pushed the button for it to be reviewed), so all you're gonna get is a message saying that "the user TED is currently editing these subtitles"… or something spooky like that.

4. And why force people to follow a transcription itinerary when they're actually translating? (1 type what you hear, 2 sync timing, 3 review and complete.)

Constantly having to click away unnecessary popups may be a small thing to do physically, but psychologically, it makes the User perceive the tool that Amara is, in a way that's probably not what you guys are aiming for.

(I suspect these things just still have to be smoothened out, after implementing the first changes in your interface. But this is my feedback from a user perspective)

Hope this is of help.

Best regards,


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