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Errors found in original language transcript

I'm translating the subtitles of a talk, and I found some errors (not only typos) in the original (English language) transcript. Who handles these requests or can edit the transcripts? I found something about Editing published subtitles in the Help pages (, but I'm not sure it applies to translations, as they suggest contacting a language coordinator in our language.

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In this case, I would recommend contacting the author of the last revision of the English transcript you'd like to be changed. You can send her a message through her profile on Amara.

Also, if the required changes involve only text (but not the timing), you can download the English transcript as an SRT file, edit it, and send to an LC for English for uploading.


Margarita Shamraeva

How can I find the author of the last English transcript when the talk is already published and translated into many languages? Because when I type the name of the talk, it doesn’t show up on Amara finding tool. The task is already finished. Thanks in advance. Best, Phuong.
Thank you for your question, Phuong Cao. What is the title of the talk you are looking for, please?




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