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Revisions in different pages cannot be compared

Revisions tab is paginated showing 10 revisions in each page, but revisions in different pages cannot be compared. So even adjacent revisions may not be able to compare. It’s very inconvenient. Is that pagination needed?

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Yes, we are aware of this problem, and fixing it is on the to-do list.

Revision list was made paginated out of necessity, since displaying all the revisions (which sometimes count by dozens or even hundreds) on the same page slowed down the system. We plan to keep the list paginated, but to make it expandable to full length when a link is clicked, so that the full list be generated and displayed only when needed.

Until the problem gets permanently fixed, you can use the following workaround -- pages that compare revisions have the following URL pattern:<version1_ID>/<version2_ID>/

where <version1_ID> and <version2_ID> are the numeric IDs of the revisions being compared.

You can lookup the ID of the desired subtitle revision by hovering your mouse over it on the Revisions tab. The last number in the revision URL will be its ID. Example:

Revision #2 for is available at, so its ID is 772681.

Revision #4 for the same language is at, so the ID is 779046.

The revisions can be compared by entering into the browser address bar "".

Hope this helps as a temporary solution. Sorry for any inconvenience this problem is causing.


Margarita Shamraeva

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