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I transcribed the video, followed all steps, but it is still marked as "not complete"

I am new to transcribing. The first one I have done is this video 

I have followed all directions and I completed and checked everything, even more times. The message I get when I hit the "Submit" is that "Subtitles cover all the video...", but the next one is that "Subtitles are incomplete and will not be submitted".

I looked through the forum, and tried what was said to Cristina here but it does not seem to work. And the expiry date for me to transcribe it is in 3 days. I would really like to finish it. So, please help.


In order to submit the transcript, you had to check the box in "Subtitles cover all the video.." dialog, as shown on the attached screenshot.

Your transcription has been submitted for reviewing.


Margarita Shamraeva

Oh, thank you, Margarita!

And sorry, I did not pay enough attention to the box to see that it should be clicked.

Noted down, I will have it in mind next time :)

Thanks again!

Best, Jelena

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