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problems with beta of Ted editor

As I worked on different translations in the beta editor I encountered two problems

- The timing was adjusted to the original translation. This could be because I might heave pressed the button that says to do so, that is very inconveniently located near a place you usually click all of the time

- the program suddenly completely messes up the timing. So all fo your previous adjustments cannot be used since you can not save, since when you save it also saves the mocked up timing.

Thanks in advance for solving this problems.

Best regards,

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Our developers are working on adding to the editor Undo feature, which would revert the last user's action. When this feature goes live, it will be possible to instantly return to the state that preceded an unwanted or unintentional change.

For the time being, the simplest solution would be to select the previous version with correct timing in the left panel and copy timing from it into the current version (in the middle panel). If for any reason it is a problem, please file a support ticket and we will try and help you with this.


Margarita Shamraeva

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